Written by • Published 22nd August 2013 • 1 minute read

Content marketing has become an increasingly popular method to get a business noticed. For those who are not in the know, content marketing involves creating and sharing content. Whether it is video posts, Facebook and Twitter posts or blog posts – it is a way to get customers to engage with the brand better, customers who are potentially going to be advocates for the brand and spread the word to an even wider audience.

Rather than some traditional methods of marketing, which involves the ‘hard sell’, content marketing helps to build a rapport with them, and helps to give your brand some personality.

You might want to write a blog post about a particular event your company is holding; Instagram pictures of your new office pet or create a viral video and upload it to YouTube. Anything that encourages customers to engage with your brands in a less formal way.

New research suggests that customers could be more willing to part with their cash for a firm that uses good quality content marketing. In fact, two-thirds of consumers are more likely to buy from firms whose content they enjoy, even if it costs a little more than from a brand that doesn’t.

However, when it comes to content marketing, some brands get it wrong; like engineering, or finance, there’s an exponential difference between merely good content and exceptional content. You can distinguish yourself from the 99% of your competitors by pursuing the exceptional – brands get this wrong by sharing other people’s content instead of creating their own. Sharing is a great thing in the world of social media, but when many people are all sharing the same content at a time, it’s pollution.

Brands That Do It Well

Red Bull is a great example of a brand-turned – publisher that has mastered the art of story-telling.

Consumers Will Pay More For High Quality Content

If you’ve seen their adverts, marketing stunts (Red Bull Stratos Jump), it will be no surprise that their blog is designed to entertain and motivate readers.

Red Bull created a lifestyle around their brand by effectively implementing the four I’s of storytelling: Immersion, interactivity, integration and impact.